Specialist Environmental, Mining, and Construction Law firm grows to keep 70% women-led status

June 19, 2024 by Admin0

Last year NSDV announced a 70% women-led legal team. This year the firm appointed another three women and is happy to announce that it has kept it’s 70% women-led position in a male-dominated industry.

“We attract a lot of women because of how different the firm is. ‘People over Paper’ – our unofficial mantra – captures our preferred relationships with all stakeholders within the industries which we work. From unions to communities to the DMRE; we simple enjoy being relational vs transactional. I think women want to be part of a brand of law that is known for this contemporary approach,” says Lili Nupen Co-founder and Director of the Mining and Environmental Law Departments at NSDV.

The three new appointments are in keeping with President Ramaphosa’s sentiments that mining has untapped potential for the continent (including female talent). According to his address at Investing In Mining Indaba 2024, “Africa has the potential to be the fulcrum of the global energy transition with Mining at it’s core.”

“We’re seeing a massive boom in renewable energy, construction, and environmental needs at mines. It’s so exciting to see the growth in the sector and to be a part of it. As the industry expands, so do we and employing the right team is critical for us to maintain our culture of approachability paired with expert advice and experience,” says Nupen.

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