Dekra Institute of Learning: expanding roots for a brighter future and championing occupational and workplace safety at A-OSH 2024

June 19, 2024 by Admin0

A-OSH 2024, scheduled from 11 -13 June, focuses on delivering solutions to mitigate workplace occupational safety and health risks, and ensure compliance with the occupational health and safety (OHS) Act.

In many industry sectors, there is an increasing emphasis on companies taking ownership of health and safety. Recent events, such as the tragic building collapse in George, have highlighted an enormous need for accountability and is a sobering reminder of the need to adhere to quality protocols and best practices when it comes to health and safety.

As a leading adult-based education and occupational skills training provider – including of health and safety-related courses – Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) is exhibiting again this year at A-OSH 2024.

Expanding roots for a brighter future

Dekra IOL’s presence at A-OSH 2024 is themed ‘expanding our roots for a brighter future’. This theme reflects the company’s steady, year-on-year growth trajectory, overcoming obstacles through dedication, hard work and the unwavering support of its local and international executive management.

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