Cousins Steel International: strong steel succession and synergy

June 19, 2024 by Admin0

In South Africa’s dynamic and frequently volatile steel sector, succession planning and the creation of robust synergies are often the exception to the rule, but dynamic structural steel company Cousins Steel International (CSI) demonstrates that these can indeed be successful and enduring.

The company – which adeptly blends its decades-old legacy with modern steel technology and insights – is very proud of its roots and track record, and equally, of its current synergies which energise and drive the business forward.

Strong steel relationships

Cousins Steel CC, a 55-year-old fabrication company located in Pietermaritzburg was started by brothers Lynton and Craig Cousins. Highly experienced structural steel fabricators, and well- connected, savvy businesspeople, the brothers grew their business into a respected large-scale fabrication facility with a sound reputation.

Meanwhile in Durban, professional engineer Mike Oldfield had opened his own business on the Berea, specialising in residential, commercial and industrial projects – and building his own very successful civil and structural engineering practice, completing many successful projects.

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